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Sean Kiely makes music that's quietly disobedient–it never does exactly what you think it's going to do. These luminous songs lure you into a deep and mysterious thicket. Credit goes to bassist Bobby McCullough and drummer Dave Heilman, who play with sympathy, grace, and imagination, and Kiely himself, who has turned into one of Jersey's best and most bewitching folk-rock poets.


"On his new EP "It Sure Was Good", NJ singer/songwriter Sean Kiely blends the personal and historical, expressing his own feelings of being adrift in life and love through a poetic imagining of the experience of the settlers of the mysterious Lost Colony of Roanoke. These lyrical themes blend perfectly with Sean's delicate fingerpicking and melodic touch. The dreamy production, with atmospheric pedal steel, shuffling snare drums, and bubbling synths, completes the intimate, conceptual folk package"

The Modern Folk

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