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Sean Kiely is one of Jersey City's most exciting and original singer-songwriters. His music contemplates the world with a keen ear for unusual and compelling beauty. Tris McCall writing for the Jersey City Times says, "Sean Kiely's folk-rock songs grow like beautiful brambles. He takes compositional risks and chases beauty into the sonic thickets, and he loves to astonish and surprise. Some of his songs are as winsome and delicate as snowflakes, others are barbed, and more than a few are quite funny - in a dry, knowing sort of way." In addition to performing his own music, Sean is a producer, educator, and in-demand sideperson on the NYC area scene, performing and recording regularly with Abbie Gardner, Jeff Taylor, the Go Bailers, Chris Luquette, and more.

Black and white music studio photo of Sean Kiely playing guitar by Anthony Mulcahy
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