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"Your Logo, My Logo is one of those sublime and unassuming efforts that sneaks up on you until you find it won’t let go."

Sean Kiely’s folk-rock songs grow like beautiful brambles. He takes compositional risks and chases beauty into the sonic thickets, and he loves to astonish and surprise. Some of his songs are as winsome and delicate as snowflakes, others are barbed, and more than a few are quite funny – in a dry, knowing sort of way. Kiely sings this all in a bell-clear voice with inerrant pitch, and when he’s got some buddies along to harmonize with him, they approach the spectral quality of Fleet Foxes, and maybe even some of David Crosby’s solo projects. Kiely has been doing a monthly series at Fox & Crow (this’ll be the third installment), a room that suits him as snugly as Fenway fits the Boston Red Sox. Seriously, they should just hand him the keys. He’s been calling his series, which includes guest performances by comedians and poets as well as musicians, “A NICE Night,” which fits the genial nature of his project, and also his wry sense of humor and literary irony. He’s one of the best we’ve got.
"The Jersey City singer-songwriter is back with his second album, "Your Logo, My Logo," a grand, acoustic, folk-rock journey through America's recent adventures in the realms of "money, entertainment, news, sports, tribalism, failure, success, love, death and distraction.'"

INTERVIEW w/ Mecca Lecca

NJ Arts Reviews Nirvana, If Only 7"
"Sean Kiely isn’t a busker, but he makes the kind of music that can fit into tight corners. In so doing, he’s carrying on the Jersey City tradition of flexible, exploratory, quasi-psychedelic folk-rock."

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